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Nerves of Steel

A seemingly innocent question in the middle of our Elevator Pitch CPR webinar instantly reveals why the most obvious approach produces the least effective Elevator Pitch.

“How do you segment the things you do so that you don’t try to describe all of what you do”

It’s so tempting

In your Elevator Pitch

To share a laundry list

Of products and services

In a vain attempt

To get your prospect

To respond to one of them.

Yet there’s a much more powerful way

To grab your prospect’s attention.

It’s gut-wrenching

And counter-intuitive

To pick the one thing

You’ll talk about in your Elevator Pitch.

Then it takes nerves of steel.

To state that one thing you do

Then wait

In silence

While your prospect formulates a question.

The temptation

The overwhelming temptation

Is to fill the silence

By blurting out “…and I also…”

At which point

You’ve lost any chance of engaging this prospect.

Embrace the silence!

Your prospect needs time

To absorb your message.

Be patient.

It’s so obvious to us what we do

That we tend to misjudge

The amount of time

It takes others

To hear what we say.

A prospect once stalked me

For an entire evening

At a networking event.

It was the best kind of stalking.

He kept circling back.

Asking different questions.

About my work.

By the end of the evening,

I secured an appointment

Which turned into several sales.

All because I stuck to my one thing.

And gave him time to understand.


You can and should

Still offer all your products and services.

The technique is that

From a business networking perspective

You pick one.

One product

Or one service

The one that starts the best conversations.

So, going back to the question from the webinar.

How do you decide which one?

It starts with your client success story.

A specific, delighted customer.

If you’re struggling to tell your client success story in just two sentences

Use our Elevator Pitch Creator for some new ideas.

Then it’s about gauging responses.

Which client success story starts the best conversations?

Happy Networking!

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