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30-Second Elevator Pitch for a business and leadership coach

The heartbeat of every successful organization is a high-performing team.

Imagine a financial services company owner, expanding her team from 3 people to 10. Her first hire? An unmitigated disaster. This setback has her questioning her own leadership abilities. That’s when she turned to my “Power Up Your Team” coaching program. She shifted her thinking around expectations and agreement, and designed a team culture around team players who are willing to pitch in and help each other. The result? She made an excellent next hire, and she introduced a quarterly review system to keep her team engaged and motivated. She reports that she has grown as a leader and has better management routines.

My name is Martina, with Power Up Your Team, and a great referral for me is an agency owner who wants to create a high performing team.

30-Second Elevator Pitch for a Realtor

I love learning about people.

Here’s an example – An airline pilot and his pregnant wife showed up to my open house in Southington. They have a son named Teddy and a cat named Dave. They weren’t interested in that house so I set them up to receive a notice when a 3 bedroom colonial came on the market in Southington. I’m happy to report that they just texted me “you are the best we just closed on our new house.”

I’m Jen, with Berkshire Hathaway, and a great referral for me is a middle aged couple who’s planning to move to Florida or the Carolinas.

30-Second Elevator Speech for an IT Services Company

A private equity firm purchased a 60 person pediatric OT company near our office.

Their IT manager contacted us to be on site to assist with a migration. We did a discovery session with him that turned into a detailed and more cost effective migration plan than he was anticipating. He was happy not to have to travel here or hire and train an onsite technician. We also set up systems so he can manage the site remotely, with tools that automatically update software and ensure that all computers have consistent anti-virus protection.

I’m happy to report that he’s now efficiently managing multiple sites and we continue to help him develop IT strategy.

I’m Andrew with SMR and a great referral for me is a company that wants secure and stable access to their information for a hybrid workforce.

30-Second Elevator Pitch for a business coach

It costs a fortune to hire and fire and train people.

A CEO client of mine said he needed to hire someone now! And he quickly wrote a two line job description to fill the position in his 5 person company.  He had churned through 20 people last year in this position. I immediately stepped in and explained that he needs to get a good set of core values, culture and purpose (why he does what he does) first so he can find the right talent.  So we did that and then we got together with his exec team in creating the job description and results that were expected and used the Top grading pre screening process to hire an A player team member that embodies the company core values and culture, now he has the right person in the seat for the job.

My name is Steve, of 4 Pillar Coach, known as the rapid growth guy for mid market companies and a great referral for me is a CEO who’s putting together a job description for a high-churn position.

Elevator Pitch for a confidence coach

An international sales leader with a very sick husband at home joined our 7-week Positive Intelligence coaching program. Wouldn’t that add stress? No. In fact, she later said that the program brought her peace at a chaotic time in her life. The structured accountability helped her lower her stress level and begin to change some negative mental habits to be a more energized and clear minded person. Look – we all have inner critics, and I’m pleased to report that there is a systematic way of calming them. My name is Michelle and I coach women executives.

30-Second Elevator Pitch example for a confidence coach

A 50-year-old female executive at a large insurance company joined our 7-week Positive Intelligence coaching program. She said that the program has given her permission not to be the “good girl.” She now creates boundaries and sticks to them. She knows that she can say “no” and it’s going to be ok. This allows her to experience authenticity and a taste of freedom while increasing her productivity. My name is Michelle, and I’m a confidence coach for female executives.

Elevator Pitch for an Event Engagement Consultant

How many of you have ever been to a boring meeting?

Yeah. Me too. Which is why I was so excited when a non profit approached us to fix their talking heads approach to their all hands meeting. What if instead of listening to an endless line of presenters read off their text heavy PowerPoint slides, your audience got to play Family Feud? Or guess which testimonial applied to which employee? Or got to break off into working groups to talk about their favorite projects. We do all that and more – with zero slides. I’m Jim Manning and I’m an Event Engagement Consultant.

Elevator Pitch for IT Staffing

I provide IT staffing for high growth tech companies.

Here’s an example: We were working with a practice manager staffing projects in SharePoint and Office 365. We used our 3 panel interview process to help him fill contract and contract to hire positions within the first 2 candidates we presented to him. He then moved to a new company that focuses on merging existing technology platforms. We are now sourcing candidates for his new company and continue to provide staffing support for his previous company.

My name is Matt, and a good referral for me is a practice manager who staffs IT projects. 

Elevator Pitch for an Action Coach

They don’t teach you how to hire and manage employees in school.

The owner and only employee of a direct marketing company knew his business was capable of much more than the current 1.2 million of yearly revenue. But each time he tried hired someone they only lasted for 4 months so he was stuck and had run out of ideas on how to grow his business. I worked with him to set goals, post a job listing that would attract a rock star, and then wait and wait and wait until he finally interviewed a legitimate rock star. It’s two years later now – he has seven employees, will do over 8 million in revenue this year, and has planned a long vacation to Italy with his family.

I’m Action Coach Jeff and a great referral for me is a business owner who hasn’t had good luck with hiring employees.

Elevator Pitch for a marketing consultant

I fix the mismatch between company websites and their customers. Here’s a quick example:

A Montessori school’s web site developer had disappeared so they called me to make some quick updates to their home page. Then, over the next several months, they had me make a few additional small tweaks. That’s when they asked me my favorite question: “So, what do you think of our website?”. I told them that their school is all about people and humanity and their website was anything but that. They agreed, so we got to work understanding the types of parents who send their kids to a private school. Over the next year or so we worked out new messaging for their website, and they are happy to report that as a result, they now have many more of the right kinds of families coming to look at the school.

I’m Jeff, with Envision Marketing, and this week a great referral for me is a technology company that just got funding and wants their website to make them look bigger than they are.

Elevator Pitch for a woman’s empowerment coach

Imagine you had to juggle a bowling ball, an egg, and a flaming sword. Every day.

I’m working with a woman who has three kids, owns her own architecture firm, and comes from a hard charging Italian family. In her words, trying to juggle her life with her go – go – go attitude leaves her feeling overwhelmed and not sure where to focus her energy. I helped her slow down by setting daily priorities like taking care of herself and putting her kids, say, in one sport instead of 3. I’m happy to report that while going slower she is still amazingly productive – her business and her kids are thriving, and after only six months working with me, her husband said to her “I don’t know what changed, but you seem happy, calm, and able to handle everything on your plate.”

I’m Susie, and I’m a woman’s empowerment coach, and a great referral for me is a woman who wants to be more effective juggling her life.

Elevator Pitch for a fractional CFO

I help business owners drive strategy from their financial statements. Here’s what that means:

I asked a custom programming house how much time their programmers spent writing code for their clients. “We don’t need to worry about that” they said, but I knew better. I dug into their time-keeping software and it turned out that their programmers were just about 50% utilized. That got their attention because the owners are interested in selling the business and utilization affects profitability and thus the sale price. With this information I’m helping them be clearer on how to match their strategy to the goal of selling the business.

My name is Mark, with B2B CFO, and a great referral for me is an business owner who wants to start the process of selling their business.

Elevator Pitch for a social media coach

Did you know that there are over a billion people on Instagram right now researching products and services.

So the question is – are they going to find you?

If you’ve been thinking that Instagram isn’t B2B, I’m here to tell you that it is.

In fact, I’ve helped coaches, consultants, lawyers, and real estate agents bring in more leads on Instagram.

My Instagram program helps business owners grow their following, increase their authority, and generate more sales.

A great referral for me is a business coach who wants to level up on Instagram.

30-Second Elevator Speech for in Instagram Consultant

What’s the best way to get started on social media?
Well, I met a real estate agent at a networking event who wanted to level up on Instagram. I showed him my profile and he said “This is exactly what I want help doing.” After only a month he had already elevated his content game by sharing a steady stream of quality videos and carousels. He was also consistently engaging with his growing list of followers. That’s when we get to my favorite part – now he can optimize his Instagram posts each month to target growth, authority, or sales.
My name is Danny, and a great referral for me is a real estate agent who wants to level up on Instagram.

Elevator Pitch for a medical researcher

I work on reducing burnout for health care workers.

I’m the principle investigator for an 8 million dollar Department of Defense Clinical Trial Award to study stress on health care workers under COVID. It comes from the Department of Defense because there are similarities between the PTSD reactions among doctors and, believe it or not, combat veterans. For the study we’re collecting data across four different dimensions – self reporting surveys, functional MRI, blood immune profiling, and, using an Apple Watch, heart rate variability. Once we have the data we’ll use AI machine learning algorithms to figure out which combinations of data indicate people on their way to burnout so we can offer interventions to increase health care provide resilience.

I’m interested in research facilities associated with hospitals who will support me in getting the data and the right team in place to improve the lives of our health care workers.

Elevator Pitch for an online community

If I asked you to think of the biggest challenge entrepreneurs face, you’d probably think of finding funding or protecting intellectual property. What we’ve found is that entrepreneurs crave a reliable, constant, trusted community for support and guidance. Let me give you an example. One of our members recently posted a question to our open forum: “How do I stay motivated?” Several community members offered ideas and suggestions. The next day I received a personal note from this member, enthusiastically thanking me for running a community that keeps him focused and motivated as he moves his business forward. My name is Mary-Alice, and I’d like to invite you to join our mosaicHUB community. It’s free and only takes 30 seconds to sign up at <website>

Elevator Pitch for a career coach

I’m a career coach, so let me give you an example of a recent client success. Maybe you know someone like this. I was working with a professional who was putting in so much overtime that he had no time left for his wife and kids and he still wasn’t making enough progress towards his goals of funding his kids’ education and retiring before age 65. Through our coaching process I identified 4 business ownership options, all of which he rejected until we took a closer look at how they matched his business model and goals for work and family life. He decided to purchase one of those businesses, an existing Certa Pro painting business, and I am happy to report that he is doing well and the franchisor considers him one of their ideal franchisees. My name is Margie, with Entrepreneur Source, and I can show you additional career opportunities that you may not have considered.


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