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No Hesitation

10 year old’s don’t hesitate when asked to describe themselves.

“I like pizza and soccer and my favorite color is purple.”

“I like reading and math and theater and my favorite color is yellow.”

“I like science and ballet”

No one stumbles while introducing themselves during my daughter’s virtual meet and greet.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch…

Because while what the kids are doing is rudimentary – they are listing their top interests to see if anyone else shares those interests – it is a good approach for making connections.

Note that they are only listing their top interests.

When you’re specific, it sparks questions and further conversations.

“What book are you reading now?”

“What position do you play in soccer?”

“How long have you been doing ballet?”

The goal is the same in business networking – just for leads instead of hobbies.

Here are some examples from recent Elevator Pitch clients:

“I help alumni stay connected with their college.”

“I help foreign nationals get approved for mortgages in Brookline.”

“I handle logistics for training manuals.”

What do you do?

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