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Non-Committal First Date

We meet for ice cream.

At Cold Stone Creamery.

In Charlestown, MA.

July 5, 2006 at 7pm.

My now wife still refers to it as the most non-committal first date ever.

Good thing, too.

We celebrated the 5th anniversary of our 1st date last Tuesday.

With ice cream.

And our two daughters.

If you’d told us five years ago

That on July 5, 2011

We’d watch our 22-month-old daughter gobble down her Oreo kid’s cup,

While her 9-month old sister munches happily on a Mum-Mum,

It would’ve freaked us out.

What’s a Mum-Mum?

Too much pressure.

Too much at stake.

Commitment has no business on a first date.

Yet that’s a big problem with how too many people approach their Elevator Pitch.

Too much.

Too soon.

You’re scaring off your prospects!

Here are 3 Elevator Pitch Tips on developing business relationships:

1. 2nd Date

No one proposes on the first date.

You have to get to know each other first.

And that takes longer than 75 minutes with an ice cream cone.

It’s the same with 30 seconds at a networking event.

In the best case scenario, there’s interest in a second conversation.

Nothing more.

So share one intriguing detail about your work.

Listen for one intriguing detail about theirs.

And set up a second conversation.

How does your Elevator Pitch create interest in a second conversation?

2. Showing Up

I went on the first date because my brother emailed me a woman’s name and number.

I went on the second date to spend more time with her.

Customers show up for different reasons than they stick around.

Most people talk about why their customers stick around.

You’re better off focusing on why they show up.

Once they show up they’ll tend to stick around.

So the challenge is in getting them to show up.

Focus your Elevator Pitch on:

What issues brought your current clients to your door?

3. Think of Me

For 16 years I tried on-line dating.

Adventure trips.

Dating services.

Even Speed-Dating.

One day my brother was in a conversation and thought of me.

So he emailed me a name and a number.

Referrals work!

Who is thinking of you?

How does your Elevator Pitch encourage people to prospect for you?

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