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Now this – this is a great introduction

My cursor hovers over the button, but I can’t get myself to click “send.”

I’ve been trying to talk myself into sending this email for two weeks.

It’s not that I’m against sending cold emails.

This one though, it doesn’t feel right.

I’ve got a nagging sense that I haven’t done enough homework.

I don’t have the right contact.

I mean, I teach networking for goodness sake!

This shouldn’t have to be a cold outreach.

Here’s the story:

I’m putting together a virtual event.

And there’s a well known local artist who would be a GREAT headliner.

I’ve met him, but he has no idea who I am.

My kids have tons of his stuff.

And every time I mention this virtual event, someone in the audience suggests him.

“Do you have a connection?” I ask.

“I’ve met him a couple of times”

“He seems approachable”

All good information.

That’s my impression too.

But… it’s not a warm introduction.

He owns a local business, but (not surprisingly) there’s no direct contact information on the website or by voicemail.

I’ve almost resorted to sending a cold email to the general inquiries mailbox.

But instead, I wait.

For one day.

Then a few more.

All the while asking everyone I talk to if they have a connection to this local artist.

Then it finally arrives!

A contact emails me the name and direct email address for the person who handles his appearances and speaking events.


I craft an email and send it off.

She writes back within four hours:

“Let me talk to him and get back to you. Excited to find a way to make it work.”

Yesterday morning he agreed to headline our event.

That’s networking!

Two key elements of a warm introduction:

A name.

And a connection.

My contact reached out to a local official who knew the artist.

The local official wrote back with the name and email address for the artist’s scheduler.

Note here – I don’t have access to the artist.

I have something even better.

I have access to the person who controls his schedule.

And… I have the name of a local official to make it, well, official.

It’s more work, and it’s worth it.

Make sure you have a name and a connection when you’re doing an introduction!

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