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Oakland Street

I come flying up and over the hill, head to the right down and around the bend, ready to take my left onto Hunnewell, and instead, I’m surprised, once again, by Oakland Street.

Oakland Street?

I’m expecting to be at Hunnewell

And instead

There’s another stretch of road.

A surprise.

Except that I know Oakland Street is there.

I mean, really.

I pass it every day.

On the way home.

So it shouldn’t be a surprise anymore.

And yet,

It still surprises me.

Every day.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because so many people

Are still so surprised

That their Elevator Pitch

Doesn’t yield

Immediate results.

“I gave my pitch.

Where are my clients?”

They’ve forgotten

About Oakland Street.

The simple

And necessary

Things they can do

And must do

To keep a relationship

Moving forward.

Here, then, are the

Three most important things for

After your Elevator Pitch.

1. Get Their Contact Information

You can’t follow up

If you can’t get in touch.

And, in general,

You can’t rely

On people calling you.

Which means

You have to call them.

So if you want to follow up with someone

For any reason.

Ask them for their business card.

Then call.

2. Set up a 1-on-1

This is what you do

When you’re not sure

What to do.

You meet someone.

You want to get to know them.

How do you do that?

The first step is to

Set up a 1-on-1.

3. Keep Attending

There’s no point

In attending an event

Only once.

Networking is

Developing trust.

And that doesn’t happen

The first time.

So if you plan to go to an event

Plan on attending

Six in a row.

That’s right.

Six in a row.

If you can’t commit to that,

You’re not going to get

Anything out of the event anyway.

How do you follow up after your Elevator Pitch?

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