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Ocean Tickles

The ocean laps peacefully at my feet on a calm, clear, perfect late August day as my terrified two-year-old leaps into my arms and buries her head in my shoulder.

She’s usually fearless.

And something spooks her.

On this decidedly un-spooky picture-perfect beach day.

“Ocean tickles.”

She squirms out of my arms

And back down onto the sand

So the ocean can tickle her toes again.

As I said.

Usually fearless.

13 seconds later she’s back to hiding in my arms.

What’s going on?

As she squirms into the waves again

I crouch down next to her.

And quickly scoop her up in a panic as a wall of water charges towards us.

Back at six feet above the sand

The wave barely reaches my feet.

At 30 inches it’s a roiling fury of turmoil.

Spooky to her.

Invisible to me.

A difference in perspective.

And it get me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because, generally, prospects don’t leap into your arms

For the reasons you think.

Your experience and expertise

Give you a different perspective.

Your prospect’s plight is all but invisible.

Which makes it difficult

To craft

An engaging Elevator Pitch


You ask current customers

“Do you mind telling me

The top three reasons you decided to

Do business with me?”

Ask them.

Their answers will surprise you.

For their clarity.

And simplicity.

You’d never guess.

In a million years.

Because it’s invisible.

So ask.

Why do your customers sign up with you?

Happy Networking!

2 comments on “Ocean Tickles

  1. Touching story and awesome analogy. Closed on my umpteenth real estate transaction today. Client was first time homebuyer and nervous as all get out. Thank you for the reminder that they look at it from a different percpective not unlike your daughter. Cheers,

    1. Thanks for sharing your real world example of this insight! You have a great Elevator Pitch opportunity here. Ask that customer how you helped her get over her nervousness. That’s real value you’re adding to the process and would resonate with others who are in a similar situation.
      Happy Networking!

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