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On a Night Like This…

My father-in-law is trying to scoop us using technology from the 1970’s.

He’s diligently watching the cancellations scroll across the bottom of his TV, but I already have the email from the superintendent: SNOW DAY TOMORROW.

Unfortunately, I’ve also received an email from the mountains: “Skiing cancelled due to snow.”


My kids were are supposed to start ski lessons tomorrow.

But not in the snow, I guess.

“On a night like this…” I say to them.

They barely look up from their game.

“On a night like this we will be headed for the mountains.”

They brighten. “Why not tonight?”

That got their attention, but they don’t know how to ski yet. No boondoggle for this storm.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because when the opportunity is in front of you, will you be prepared?

If my kids knew how to ski, we’d be skiing today.

The more you master your

The easier it is to meet the right people and expand your referral network.

If you’re not ready today, what are you doing today to prepare for the next opportunity?

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