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On Being Memorable

“We didn’t make that big a mess” my wife says as I toss a fist full of British coins on the table as a tip for the chambermaid in our London hotel.

I count the coins.

Over 20 pounds. A $30 tip!


Here in the US, $30 in change wouldn’t fit in my pocket.

But in the UK, with the 1 pound and 2 pound coins, the change adds up fast.

Surprisingly fast.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because with a good Elevator Pitch you’re gathering opportunities faster than you think.

I’m coaching a woman during my presentation to the Newton Needham Chamber of Commerce last week.

She resists describing her work as “websites for non-profits,” because she also does logos and brochures and branding and so much more.

We go around and around a few times and I can see that she’s not really convinced. She doesn’t want to limit her options.

However, 45 minutes later, after the open networking, I’m chatting with an attendee who mentions that he needs to follow up with the woman who does “websites for non-profits.”

In all the material from the presentation, and all the conversations from open networking, that’s what’s stuck in his head.

The woman who does “website for non-profits.”

He scurries off before I can make the connection, but he’s already made the point.

You become memorable to the right people when you’re specific about the group of people you work with and the action they’re trying to take.

I’m encouraging the website for non-profits woman to keep using that Elevator Pitch. For two reasons.

  1. The next time she’s in at a networking event with that guy, if she uses a different pitch, he won’t recognize her. But if she uses the exact same pitch she’ll jog his memory that he wanted to talk to her.
  2. The Elevator Pitch is working! If one person wants to connect with her, there are certainly others who want to do the same. That’s the sign of a great Elevator Pitch.

Once you find an Elevator Pitch that starts conversations, keep using it!

That’s how you attract opportunities to grow your business.

What’s the most memorable Elevator Pitch you’ve heard in the past week?

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