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One Song for New Year’s Eve

When they asked singer / songwriter Billy Joel to perform for the national television audience on New Year’s Eve, they told him that he had to pick one song.

One song.

From a guy could

And would

Play for hours.

Song after song.

Hit after hit.

I could

And would

And have

Listened to his albums

For hours on end.

A never-ending hit parade.

And still, they made him pick just one.

One song for New Year’s Eve.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because do you think any less of Billy Joel

For playing only one song

On New Year’s Eve?

Of course not.

In fact,

It’s an honor

To be picked

To perform.

A tribute to his long and illustrious career.

And believe me,

No one thinks any less of you

For picking one client success

To share at your next networking event.

Billy Joel didn’t pick that song

To represent his whole career.

He picked that song to rock New Year’s Eve.

Yet so many people

Feel so much pressure

To picking one client success

That represents the whole breadth and depth of their career.

When all they want

Is a client success

That rocks that networking event.


Did you notice that

Billy Joel

Didn’t waste any of his time

Talking about how many songs he’s written

Or how he picked this song for New Year’s Eve

Or even what he has planned for 2014.


He simply sang his song.



At your next networking event,

Don’t waste any of your 40 seconds

Talking about other things you can do.

We want to hear your best.

Your best client.

Your best outcome.

When it’s your turn to speak.

When it’s time to showcase your talent and passion

To an attentive and joyful audience.

Share one client success.


6 comments on “One Song for New Year’s Eve

  1. K.I.S.S – this is a perfect reminder and great advice, thank you. Short and pithy, presented with warmth and confidence; it’s all about believing in ourselves.

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