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One way to make your Elevator Pitch go “POP!”

I press the red reset button on the electrical outlet in my garage and hear a loud “POP!”

That’s not what it usually does, so, like an untrained monkey, I press it again. And again. And again.

pop! Pop! POP!

“That’s not a good sign,” I think to myself.

But I’m not sure what to do next.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because any time someone knows the exact next step, you’ll make more sales.

So, assuming I’ll need an electrician, I grab the contractor who’s working upstairs.

He’s in for a good mystery, so we decide that I’ll press the reset button while he wanders around the garage to find the pop.

Is it the invisible dog fence? No. The freezer? No. The table saw? No. The landline (!?!) telephone? Not likely. Is it the latest TikTok dance music from my daughter’s phone? Ahhhh – NO! 

He stops under the garage door opener in the middle bay and yanks the plug out of the ceiling.

I press the reset button and… nothing.


No pop.

My contractor looks at me blankly. Now he’s not sure what to do next. 

But I am.

There are two levels of networking.

The basic level is in your Elevator Pitch – how clearly do you name the situation when people should call you?

Did they have a cyber intrusion?

Are they having trouble hiring a sales rep?

Did they get passed over for a promotion?

Are they planning a virtual meet & greet?

That’s when people reach out to you with leads for you.

The advanced level is what I call Opportunity Spotting.

That’s when you reach out to people with leads for them.

That’s when you know and trust an IT guy, a sales outsourcing company, a career coach, and an Elevator Pitch Coach.

The more you know the Elevator Pitches of the people you know, the more you become a trusted resource for your clients and prospects.

How often does someone else’s Elevator Pitch pop into your head during conversation? That’s how you make great referrals!  

As for me, once I know the problem’s in the garage door motor, I call my garage door company. They come, diagnose, and replace the circuit board on the motor.

No more POP!

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