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Parking Wars

It’s 12:03pm on the third Monday as I face the toughest parking challenge in all of Boston.

An empty street.

There are no lines marking the spots.

So as the street sweepers pull away,

I am free to claim any section of curb I want.

It’s paralyzing.

I choose a spot slightly beyond my front stoop.

Past the enormous sidewalk planter that traps you in your car.

Uncomfortably (yet legally) close to the fire hydrant.

In the afternoon sun.

Under a tree that doesn’t shower my car with sap.

Every spot has trade-offs.

Usually I grab the first one I see.

And am thankful for finding it.

On Mondays, I second-guess my choice all afternoon.

Did I pick the perfect spot?

Your prospects face a similar challenge.

It’s easier to choose from limited options.

So here’s how to grab your prospect’s attention at your next Business Networking Event:

Pick One

Pick One Product or Service for One Target Market

Why one?

Talking about one grabs your prospect’s attention.

If not for them, then for someone they know.

It’s easier to think of a real estate lawyer in Middlesex County who’s been in business fewer than 5 years than to think of someone who needs insurance.

Which one?

The one that starts the best conversations.

How do you know which one starts the best conversations?

Here’s the 3 Step Process to Engaging Your Prospects:

1. Pick one product or service for one target market

2. Talk about it at every networking event for two weeks

3. Take notes on the questions that prospects ask and the conversations that start.

Repeat with your other offerings.

Within a few months you will know which offering grabs your prospect’s attention.

What’s the best way to follow up once you have their attention?

Find out at Business Networking for Busy Professionals.

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