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Sales Leadership

You’re a great salesperson… so you get promoted.

And the skills that made you great at sales won’t work in your new management role.

What’s the first step in sales management?

Are you a manager or a leader?

Join sales guru Joe Rahal and leadership guru Andrew Winig as they share 4 techniques you can use immediately to improve sales leadership in your organization.

In this interactive webinar, we will share cutting edge communication techniques that will empower you to lead and manage your sales organization more effectively:

o The key difference between management and leadership (it’s not what you think)
o The part of your job description you’re ignoring (and how it affects getting promoted)
o When being a manager is better than being a leader

Presented by:

Andrew Winig of ImprovAndy ( who wants you to use an effective elevator pitch to motivate your teams.

Joe Rahal of Rahal Consulting sets in motion the sales, marketing, and business strategies to increase your bottom line and helps with execution and implementation.

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