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I’m waiting in the main lobby of the John Hancock Tower here in Boston for my wife to finish work so we can head to the Garden to watch game 3 of the Stanley Cup Finals, and I notice that before you can leave the building, they make you pause.

People come streaming out of the elevators

Hustle to the security turnstiles

And pause,


Like cartoon characters in suspended animation

Leaning forward in anticipation

Waiting for

The sliding

Glass doors



It breaks everyone’s stride.

Even people who obviously work here every day.

And you want that same result from your Elevator Pitch.

Because like those sliding glass doors,

When people pay attention to you

I mean when they stop.

Look at you.

And wait for your next move.

Instead of hustling past you to their next commitment

That’s when you start to grow your business

And expand your referral network.

And I’m not talking about using attention-getting tricks.

It’s not about shouting

Or being outrageous

Or silly.

Or mysterious.


None of that.

The thing that’s most intriguing to your prospects.

The thing that grabs their attention

And keeps you top of mind.

Is your 2-sentence recent client success.

Here’s a quick example of what I mean.

Think about a real estate agent.

According to the Elevator Pitch

They all handle buys, sells, refis, cash-outs, …

They all sound the same.

And that’s not even their biggest challenge.

The biggest challenge

For real estate agents

And believe me,

It’s the biggest challenge in your industry as well,

Is that your clients don’t think

In your language.

In terms of real estate clients:

One client wants a starter home for her newly married son.

An empty-nester wants to downsize within Newton.

A yuppie wants to remodel his kitchen.

A sophisticated real estate investor wants another top-notch investment property.

Did you notice the details?

Starter Home





Those are the attention-grabbers for a real estate Elevator Pitch.

Share those kinds of details

And people will pause.

Look at you

And start great business conversations.

What are the details from your recent client success?

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