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Play the Villain

I want to play the villain.

Javert, Bill Sykes, Iago, …

There’s just one challenge.

Casting committee,

after casting committee,

after casting committee,

thinks I am too nice.

Apparently I’m not believable as a villain.

That could be a good thing.

Still, I spent a lot of years wishing I could be what I’m not.

How about you?

Is your Elevator Pitch true to who you are?

Here are 3 Elevator Pitch Tips on being true to yourself (and your brand).

1. Get Feedback

As I mentioned, I always wanted to be the villain.

Until one inspiring “Myths and Legends” improv troupe rehearsal.

“Tell the person to your right something specific you admire about their work.”

The woman on my left complimented my regal characters (kings, princes, …).

I hadn’t thought of that as a strength until she mentioned it.

After that I enjoyed being royalty so much that I no longer longed to be the villain.

Here’s the one-step process to get feedback on your strengths:

Ask your best customers: “Do you mind sharing the top 3 reasons you decided to do business with us?”

Their reasons will surprise you.

They don’t buy for the reasons you think they buy.

Is your Elevator Pitch about why they buy, or why you think they buy?

2. Embrace Your Feedback

You will resist what your customers tell you.

One of my earliest clients said that he had worked with plenty of business coaches,

And he had signed up with me because of my focus on the Elevator Pitch.

At the time the Elevator Pitch wasn’t really my focus.

So I ignored the feedback.

Costly mistake.

Being Your Elevator Pitch Coach has opened up tons of opportunities.

In retrospect, that was the single most profitable piece of feedback I ever received.

What’s your niche from your customer’s point of view?

3. Use Feedback to Tune Your Message, Not Your Methods

Elevator Pitch Coaching is not my only service.

It’s my most marketable service.

It has universal appeal.

It gets me into great conversations.

Everything else flows from those conversations.

I didn’t change my offerings based on my customer feedback.

I changed how I talk about my offerings.

How do you grab your prospect’s attention?

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