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Poor People’s Pub

A little green roadside sign grabs my attention two weeks ago even though I have no intention of bringing my wife and sleeping 2-year-old and 3-year-old to a pub on our way back from Story Land on Route 16 South in New Hampshire.

Poor People’s Pub

You see, it all starts 8.3 miles earlier.

With a big billboard.

On the side of the road.

At the time, I could not be a worse prospect for a pub.

We’ve already eaten.

The girls are sleeping.

And we have a long drive ahead of us.

But the name is catchy.

As is the tag line.

Poor People’s Pub.
Nothing fancy!
Just good grub.
8.3 miles ahead on the left.

So 8.3 miles later.

When I see the little green sign.

Announcing the turn for the Poor People’s Pub.

I find myself wistful.

As though I’m passing up the chance.

To spend time with a good friend.

Even though.

Up until 8.3 miles ago.

I have never heard of the Poor People’s Pub.

And certainly never intended to go.

Now that’s some good marketing.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because merely attending networking events

Is the business networking equivalent

Of putting up that second little green sign

And then wondering why no one takes the turn.

Business happens at networking events.

Just not for first timers.

You have to start the relationship earlier.

Much earlier.

Business networking lays the groundwork

Through handshakes

And phone calls

And one-on-one’s

So that by the time you arrive at the event.

People know you.

And trust you.

That’s the value in business networking.

Like that first billboard.

You make an impression.

So that the next time people see you.

They remember.

That’s business networking.

How do you start relationships?

Happy Networking!

2 comments on “Poor People’s Pub

  1. OMG! Raquette Lae Girls camp for ten summers I passed that sign! If you have never been to Story land you should go or fly theer immeditly.. Buy a big lollipop for each of the children and revel in all thr stories you grew up with,

    My name is Judy. Hi, I am the product of ten years of lollipops from storyland and bosses who reminded me everyday that they knew better than me. Well now I am them.

    Just not mean, cruel, horribly and dangerously driven. I am just a nice out goig and I am told reasonably attractive human being.

    15 years as an executive recruiter abd 15more as a B to B telemarketer,

    I have war stories want to trade ROFLOL

    1. Judy,

      Thanks for the trip down memory lane. My wife and I both loved Story Land as kids, and this was our first trip there with our girls. The start of a great family tradition!

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