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“No, no, no, you misunderstand,” my wife clarifies as she finds me ankle deep last Monday night in a rapidly expanding water puddle in our basement. “I was wondering how you knew to check for leaks.”

The truth is that I didn’t.

Not specifically.

From my wife’s point of view,

Me noticing the leak

Before it becomes a flood

Seems like a random big win.

It’s not.

It’s the result of checking in.


See, our new humidification system

In our new house

Has been plagued by one system failure after another.

First it leaks from a bad washer in the lower collar.

Then from the steam escape valve.

Then our sump pump kicks in

And then the condensate pump fails.

Which is why I’m now standing ankle deep in water

Valiantly bailing out my basement

To save the rug in my children’s art room

From getting soaked.


Bless my wife.

Her only question

When she comes upon this scene

Is to wonder how I knew to check for leaks.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because the reason

I’ve been checking on the humidifier

Twice a day

Since this system was installed over a month ago.

Is that more often than not

When I check in.

I find a puddle.

By checking in regularly

I catch a small problem

Before it turns into a really, really, really expensive one.

And your business network is also full of puddles opportunities.

Just waiting to be discovered.

When you check in regularly with your business network

You land big opportunities

And people will congratulate you on your seemingly random big wins.

Yet you and I know that it’s not random.

It’s the result of checking in.


So set up a 1-on-1.

Send along a referral.

Call to wish someone a Happy New Year.

Check in.


What’s your biggest challenge for staying in touch with your business network?

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