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Puff Dragon Dragon

My daughter turns the tables on me 2 nights before her second birthday.

Normally I sing to her at bedtime.

Tonight she hops into her crib and grins.

“I sing.”

Gleefully she launches into her rendition of “Puff the Magic Dragon”

“Puff Dragon Dragon lif by ‘c’ frolish in aut miss lan ha lee” (actual lyrics)

Here’s the thing: She’s heard the song hundreds of times.

And now she knows it.

Not perfectly, of course.

Yet well enough to sing it recognizably.

And it got me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

You want other people to learn your Elevator Pitch.

Because then they can prospect for you.

Now, common wisdom suggests that you want a different Elevator Pitch for each audience.

And that’s a Big Mistake.

Repetition helps people remember who you are.

If I sang different words every night, my daughter would never learn the song.

Use the same Elevator Pitch every time so other people can master it.

Here are 3 more reasons to use the same Elevator Pitch every single time:

1. Oh Yeah

One of your business networking buddies is talking to a perfect prospect right now.

And they are thinking of you.

Gotta introduce you to this perfect prospect.

And then they forget to tell you.

It’s not out of malice or ill intention.

They are just busy and they don’t use an effective follow-up process.

So it slips their mind.

Until they hear the same Elevator Pitch again that made them think of you in the first place.

“Oh yeah! I just remembered that I have someone I want to introduce you to.”

How do you remind your network to give you leads?

2. New People

 Networking groups frequently have guests and new members at the meetings.

Put your best foot forward!

Give them your best pitch.

As for the regulars, they are not yet bored by your Elevator Pitch.

They are likely still trying to figure out how to help you.

Make it easier for them by being consistent meeting after meeting.

Why do you keep changing your Elevator Pitch?

3. Rise Above the Din

Like with my 2-year-old with her bedtime song, it takes a while for your prospects to internalize your message.

When you keep changing your message, they are always playing catch-up.

A consistent message help them spread your message to others.

How consistent is your Elevator Pitch?

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