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Pull Over

“Were you speeding?” my wife asks helpfully as the state cop pulls up on my right, and even if I couldn’t hear him yelling at me through two closed windows at highway speeds, it’s clear by his gestures that he wants me to pull over.

He drops back.

I signal and pull into the middle lane.

Then signal again.

And pull into the right hand lane.

Then, just before I signal again

To pull over onto the shoulder

And take my lumps

I glance to my left

And see the cop glaring at me

As he speeds on by.


In my experience

If a cop starts yelling

There’s going to be some paperwork.

Not this time.

Mad cop sped off.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch

Because my best guess

And it’s only a guess

Because I’m never planning

To track down this cop

And find out for sure.

My best guess

Is that he pulled up behind me

While I was enjoying a quiet moment

Using cruise control,

Listening to music on Bluetooth,

As my kids slept.

And since the back of the car was

Stuffed with stuff

I didn’t see him

And he got frustrated

That I wouldn’t let him pass.

Now, there are plenty of options between

Waiting for me to notice

And pulling up alongside to yell.

He could have flashed his lights

He could have touched his siren

He even could have honked his horn.

I would have noticed

And apologetically moved out of the way.

Yet, instead of communicating

He gets frustrated and yells.

And I know so many people

Who give their Elevator Pitch once

Then get frustrated by the lack of sales.

As though it’s the other person’s job to notice you.


Your Elevator Pitch is

Catching people’s attention.

The right people.

To start the right conversations.

The kind of conversations that

Lead to sales.


Sales in business networking come from

Communicating over time.

Getting to know people.

Developing trust.

Your Elevator Pitch is not a one-time event.

It’s the start of a process.

The process of business networking.

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