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Ready or Not…

Even with my eyes closed while counting to ten, the scampers and giggles give away my three-year-old daughter’s exact hiding spot, but the funniest part, by far, is how she interrupts my “Ready or Not…”

“Daddy. I not ready.”

Apparently, I’m not the first one to face this situation in this game.

I mean, it’s right there – in the fabric of the game:

“Ready or not, here I come”

Part of the fun of hide and seek is not being ready. It’s scrambling to hide at the last possible second.

It’s good for hide and seek… Bad for your Elevator Pitch.

Because there’s no excuse for being surprised when asked “What do you do?”


Just like in hide and seek, you know it’s coming.

And it’s easier than you think

To be fully prepared.

Here’s everything you need to know


Or not…

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