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So each Wednesday my wife has a new idea to prevent my mad dash to the garage at 6:45am to prepare the week’s trash for its 7am date with Mr. Timmerman. Yet none of her ideas address the real reason for my trash day stress.


I’m heading to the garage early to:

Break down boxes,

Sort bottles and cans,

And fit in all into our two recycling bins.

Unaware that my family generates

Three-and-a-half recycling bins of, well, recyclables

Every week.

I was trying to cram the proverbial 4 bins of stuff

Into 2 bins.


And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because the main reason

That so many people

Are so stressed

About their Elevator Pitch

Is that they want to cram

All their experience,

All their expertise,

All their products,

And all their benefits

Into 30 seconds.

If you use this typical approach

Of turning your Elevator Pitch

Into a spoken resume

You’ll spend most of your time

Justifying your qualifications

To people who aren’t even interested in your services.

What a waste of time!

The good news is that people aren’t questioning your expertise.

Far from it.

They’re eagerly willing to believe that you know what you’re talking about.

They’re just legitimately confused about how your expertise

Helps them with what’s

Waiting for them back at work.

Maybe they need to hold an employee accountable,

Or generate more sales,

Or bring accounts receivable under control.

Whatever that is,

That’s waiting for them back at work,

An effective Elevator Pitch

Gets them talking about it.

That’s how you start productive business conversations.

No resume required!

What issues are your best prospects facing at work today?

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