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Relentless Pursuit

My 9-month-old daughter is on a mission.

Binky Extraction.

Her target: her 22-month-old sister’s pacifier.

Suddenly she lunges and twists.

She catches me off guard.

I grab her to prevent a face-plant.

She spins.

Reaches up.

and plucks the binky out of her sister’s mouth.

A surgical strike.

With me as the unwitting accomplice.

I’ve grown wiser.

I can now block her first attempt.

So she stretches.

And strains.

And claws.

Once she has seen the binky in her sister’s mouth

It’s hard to distract her.

It must be nice to be so focused.

So single-minded.

And it got me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Here are 3 Elevator Pitch Tips from the Binky Extractor

1. Focus

My daughter will happily play with almost any toy.

Unless she senses her sister’s binky nearby.

At that point, nothing else matters.

She is all about getting that binky.

Your Elevator Pitch is your default message.

It’s the most compelling thing.

It’s the easiest to explain.

No matter what other interesting, meaningful work you do.

Start with your Elevator Pitch.

How do you start business conversations?

2. Timing

She’ll drop anything for a chance to pluck the binky from her sister’s mouth.

Very opportunistic.

At that moment she doesn’t care about food, or mommy, or FiFi.

At that moment, you can’t get her attention.

So you’ll want to approach her with the “Binky Extractinator 2.0” at some other time.

When she’s not in the midst of a heated battle.

Your Elevator Pitch plants the seed.

So as she gets frustrated with her current binky extraction methods,

She knows who to call for an upgrade.

That’s why your Elevator Pitch never changes.

Because your prospect’s timing is always changing.

You want an Elevator Pitch that catches them at the right time for them.

How does your Elevator Pitch respect your prospect’s timing?

3.  Patience

She is in no rush.

When her sister appears with binky, the chase is on.

When there’s no binky, she has other things to keep her occupied.

No desperation.

No follow up.

No sense of anticipation.

When the binky appears she is ready to go.

Business networking works over time.

Prospects will call you on their schedule.

When their need is there.

You can’t force it.

You can’t speed it up.

How can you be ready when their time is right?

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