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To this day I have no idea where in Wellesley my high school friend Billy lived, even though I drove myself to his house on many occasions.

Before you jump to any conclusions…

I have a very good sense of direction (unlike my youngest brother…).

I always had my glasses on (I mean, I was driving the car, for goodness sake).

I was never intoxicated (Really. Ask around. I was kind of a nerd in high school).

And my other friends, I still remember where they lived.

Peter. Susie. Another Peter. Steven. …

So what made Billy’s house the Bermuda Triangle of my childhood?


I didn’t go to Billy’s house that often.

And every time I went, he led me there by taking a different route.

Now, I’m pretty sure that Billy’s parents didn’t work for the CIA.

So chances are he wasn’t intentionally concealing his family’s whereabouts.

More likely he was optimizing to avoid traffic lights.

Or pass by his favorite gas station.

Or pick up the best pizza in Wellesley.

Which gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because while there wasn’t any particular reason for Billy to make it easy for me to find his house, you have every reason to make it easy for your prospects to find you

Yet I see so many people who optimize their Elevator Pitch for everything but that.

They wing it.

They change it up based on the audience.

They ramble.

All of which makes it harder for your prospects to find you.

When what you want is to carve a clear path for them to your front door.

And reinforce that path every time they see you.

How easily can your prospects find their way to your door?

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