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Say Cheese!

The most surprising part of buying a Back Bay moving permit last Tuesday at Boston City Hall isn’t the round of applause or the offer of a Dunkin’ Donut but the woman who comes sprinting around the counter to take my picture as I swipe my credit card.

I’m their first customer!

Which seems strange.

Since I dodge moving permits every day while parking in the Back Bay.

But today is a watershed day at Boston City Hall.

I’m the first customer on their new computer system.

It’s not the first time they’ve sold a moving permit.

It is the first moving permit they’ve sold using their new system.

And there’s something very humanizing about a bureaucracy learning new skills.

Everyone apologizes about the wait.

Everyone eagerly gathers around the computer screens as they enter my information.

Everyone breaks into a big smile (and snapps pictures) as the permits roll off the printers.

Total time spent at City Hall: 20 minutes.

I had budgeted an hour.

So I’m way ahead of schedule.

I’ve had one of my favorite breakfasts.

And I have a smile on my face.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

How do you keep your pitch sounding new?

Here are 3 ways to make all your prospects feel like your first prospect.

1. First Timers

It seems like everyone has already heard your Elevator Pitch.

And it’s not true.

And that thinking puts you at a disadvantage in front of new prospects.

All networking groups and events attract new people.

Give your Elevator Pitch as though no one has ever heard it before.

Because most of them haven’t.

How do you pitch new prospects?

2. Repeat Offenders

You think that everyone remembers your pitch from last time.

They don’t.

And until they can mouth it along with you (like Billy Crystal on his birthday phone call from mom)

They don’t know it yet.

Give the same pitch every time.

Because every time you change it you leave your best prospects in the dust.

So develop a power question, a compelling example, and a call to action.

And stick to your Elevator Pitch!

How consistent is your Elevator Pitch?

3. Lifers

Have you had this experience?

The more you work on your Elevator Pitch the less it sounds like you.

That’s because you generalize when you want to specialize.

Here’s the question that will make it so much easier to refer prospects to people in your network.

At your next one-on-one simply ask:

“Do you mind telling me about a recent customer success?”

I guarantee you’ll gain new insights into even people you’ve known for years.

Want people to send you more referrals?

Tell them about a recent client success.

What client success story do you use in your Elevator Pitch?

Happy Networking!

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