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I check my mirrors, put the car in reverse, and take my foot off the brake when I hear a small voice behind me “Why sister not wear seatbelt?”

That sounds important.

I stop the car.

Turns out my three-year-old is right.

My two-year-old is not strapped in.

It’s easily corrected.

Now that I know.

I thank my three-year-old for telling me.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because with a great Elevator Pitch,

Other people look out for your interests.

They spot opportunities.

And bring them to your attention.

Here are three ways to inspire others to prospect for you:

1. Who

The best use of your 30 seconds is to

Describe a recent client success.

It’s uncomfortably specific.

At least it should be.

Because the details

Help others

Bring  you prospects

Who are most like your best clients.

What’s your recent client success?

2. When

The hidden benefit

Of your client success story.

Is that it tells people

When to contact you

In memorable story form.

See, it’s unlikely that your prospect

Needs you right now.

So the challenge is

To make them think of you

When it’s the right time for them.

What inspired your recent client success to approach you?

3. What

Since now probably isn’t the right time.

You need to keep in touch.

To stay top of mind.

So you need to offer

Something of value to them

In exchange for their contact information.

Here are 7 Compelling Calls to Action.

What do you offer in exchange for your prospect’s contact information?

Happy Networking!

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