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Secret Sauce

Tom doesn’t realize that sharing his secret sauce kills any chance of ever differentiating his business.

He’s giving out too much information too soon.

“We help college students create and manage mobile resumes to find a job after they graduate.”

His prospects wonder what mobile resumes are and why they need one.

Their questions make Tom sound defensive as he justifies his approach.

Not the best way to start a conversation.

He’s fallen into the most common Elevator Pitch trap.

It’s tempting to describe how you get your results.

Your secret sauce.

But McDonald’s is the only company who ever successfully marketed a secret sauce.

And that was thousand island dressing.

No big secret.

The rest of us need to market our results.

Once your prospect asks “How do you do that?”

Then you can talk about about your secret sauce.

Here’s what we recommended to Tom on our Conversation Starters Webinar:

We help college student resumes rise to the top of the pile.

Really? College resumes? To the top of the hiring pile?

“How do you do that?”

Now he can talk about the benefits of mobile resumes.

Because until your prospect knows what you’ll accomplish.

They are not yet interested in how.

Happy Networking!

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