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The silver Lexus SUV shows no signs of speeding up as it turns ahead of me onto my favorite shortcut.

It won’t seem it, but even at half the speed limit my shortcut is faster than not taking my shortcut.

So I mentally prepare for an excruciating final few minutes of my drive.

The SUV does not disappoint.

It does not speed up.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because your Elevator Pitch can seem like an excruciatingly slow approach.

Even when it’s still the fastest path to more and better opportunities.

Here are 3 ways to turbo-charge your Elevator Pitch:

1. Use it

I saved time by following the slow silver Lexus SUV on my shortcut.

It was frustrating.

And still a good use of my time.

And every time you use your Elevator Pitch.

You open up opportunities.

I got a great referral just the other day from someone I met years ago.

I’m not her customer.

She’s not mine.

Yet we pass occasional referrals back and forth.

She met a perfect prospect for me and introduced us.

Now he’s a client.

All because I used my Elevator Pitch years ago.

Where are you using your Elevator Pitch today?

2. Trust it

I want that Lexus to speed up.

And it won’t.

So I can get frustrated.

Or enjoy the ride.

You want your Elevator Pitch to generate faster results.

Faster sales.

It won’t.

It takes time to develop trust.

It’s an investment.

So instead of sizing people up.

Get to know them.

Ask questions.

Start conversations.

Enjoy the ride.

How does your Elevator Pitch develop trust?

3. Ditch it

The silver Lexus SUV did turn off before I reached my driveway.


Once in a while.

You’ll end up face-to-face with a prospect.

Stop networking.

Start selling!

Set up the sales appointment.

Don’t network with prospects.


Do you know when to ditch your pitch?

Happy Networking!

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