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The only reasonable thing to do after my three-and-a-half-year-old daughter drags me outside by the back pocket of my pants to watch her squiggle and squirm her way onto the big-girl swing and then start the swing all by herself by pumping her legs is to sit down in the swing next to her and swing side-by-side.

See, up until that moment

When my daughter wanted to swing

I had to push.

Not too high.

Not too low.

From the front.

Or the back.

Or the more recent favorite:

An underdog.

Lots of rules.

Lots of work.

Until now.

Now, I find myself in a different role.

Sitting next to her.

Enjoying her radiant smile.

Basking in her pride

That she can surprise Daddy

With her newly learned skill.

I didn’t realize that she was even trying to

Master that particular skill.

Which only makes it that much sweeter

On this warm, lazy, late spring day.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because so many people push.

And push.

And push.

For the sale.

For the introduction.

For the conversation.

They never let up.

And that’s too bad.

Because so many great things happen

When you sit down next to someone.


And enjoy their enthusiasm.

For their work.

For their projects.

For their wins.

It’s tempting to push your agenda.

And much more engaging,


And, over the long term,


To enjoy the other person.

Get to know them.

Understand what’s new

And challenging

For them.

Today, help someone else celebrate their win…

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