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I’m fifth in line at the only attended booth, even though I’m running late, I have my monthly pass, and the express lane is wide open.

I try not to look at my watch.

The gate swings open.

One car exits.

I inch forward.

How complicated is it to pay for parking?

Gate. Car. Inch.

Gate. Car. Inch.

The minutes tick by.

Gate. Car…

I smile, catch the eye of the attendant, and say “Good morning!” as I tap my monthly pass on the reader.

She breaks into a broad smile.

“Good morning, sir. So nice to see you!”

Warm. Friendly. Authentic.

Well worth the wait.

The other attendants won’t even look up as I swipe my card.

Yet I’ll wait in line for the one with a smile.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Sometimes it’s not as much what you say…

As how you say it.

Here are 3 Reasons to Start your Elevator Pitch with a Smile!

1. Connect

I don’t know anything about this attendant.

Except she’s the only one who smiles back.

And it’s a positive, upbeat start to my day.

Business networking is about meeting people.

Your Elevator Pitch helps you start conversations.


It’s open and friendly.

A great conversation starter!

What’s the first thing you do to connect with a prospect?

2. Friendly Magnet

It’s not that I haven’t smiled at other attendants.

Most don’t even look up.

The ones that do just glower at the interruption.

So I choose the automated gate instead.

Here’s the question for you:

Are people seeking you out to say ‘Hi?’

Will they wait in line for a chance to talk to you?

A smile makes you more approachable.

And that starts great conversations!

How far will people go out of their way to say ‘hi’ to you?

3. Loyalty

The sale is made.

I already park in this lot.

Friendly makes me more loyal.

See, your Elevator Pitch works on current customers too.

Conversations strengthen relationships.

And lead to referrals.

And lead to more business from that customer.

“Mr. Customer, so nice to see you!”

Now that’s a great conversation starter!

How do you engage your current customers?

Happy Networking!

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