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Speaking Their Language

I’m already in my tux so I glance at the room service menu in our New York hotel as my wife finishes getting ready for her cousin’s wedding.

Now did I want something “Handheld” or “Fork and Knife?”

Oops! It got me. I didn’t want anything. We were on our way to a New York wedding for goodness sake. There was going to be plenty of great food!

But the categories grabbed my attention.

Usually, of course, it’s Sandwiches or Entrees.

But something interesting happens with “Handheld” or “Fork and Knife.”

I can see myself holding the food (or sitting down, putting a napkin in my lap, and cutting into the food…)

It’s no longer what food I want, but which experience I would prefer.

We were about to leave the hotel room, so something I could eat on the go would be better.

Wow! There I go again. Note to self: I’M NOT EATING. WE’RE GOING TO A WEDDING.

And as my wife fires up the hairdryer I start thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because the words you use are either engaging the right people or they aren’t.

Which is more compelling?

Glass artist… or …renovate your bathroom with sinks and back splashes made entirely of glass.

Real estate lawyer… or …test drive your new home.

Graphic designer… or …brand commercial buildings

CFO… or …build financial and operational infrastructure for growing companies

The more you speak their language and match their experience, the more eager they’ll be to talk to you.

Which of your words are most engaging?

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