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Sprinkle Cone

The ice cream woman at Emack and Bolio’s can’t quite make sense of my five-year-old daughter’s request for a Sprinkle Cone with Mommy Ice Cream.

No wonder.

Our family’s ice cream terminology goes back to my first date with my now wife.

She enjoys an Oreo Overload.

I gobble down a Chocolate Devotion.

And to this day,

Mommy ice cream is Oreo.

Daddy ice cream is chocolate in chocolate (with more chocolate…).

It’s a language that makes sense in our kitchen.

But it’s meaningless to the outside world.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because it’s so easy to assume that other people know your terminology.

Your jargon.

Your shorthand.

They don’t.

So how do you speak their language?

Here’s a quick tutorial.


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