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Stay Motivated for Business Networking

I’m getting bored with my daily exercise routine, so I ask my personal trainer for new exercises.

His advice surprises me.

Same exercises. More resistance.

Apparently I’m doing the correct set of exercises for improving my core strength.

He doesn’t want to change them.

He does want me to add dumbbells and ankle weights.

It helps!

The small change makes my daily routine more interesting and challenging.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because, like working out, networking is about small daily activities.

Events. Coffee meetings. Phone calls.

There isn’t anything else.

But come up with a new question to ask.

Or a new way of talking about your work.

Or an innovative follow up for a new connection.

…and the energy returns!

Some more ideas:

  • Guest at a friend’s networking group meeting.
  • Call your best vendor to say “thank you.”
  • Book an interactive speaker for an upcoming meeting.
  • Refresh your Elevator Pitch
  • Invite someone you already know to a virtual coffee

Strengthen relationships.

Find a new twist on the activities that already work.

How do you stay motivated for business networking?


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