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Step Aside

I ruin two good pairs of shorts and a pair of slacks before I figure out that the best way to keep grease off my clothes while cleaning my grill is to step aside.

Turns out

If I stand

In front of my grill

While using the wire brush

I get grease

The kind of grease that doesn’t come out

All over the front of my pants.



If I stand slightly to the side

No grease.

It’s like magic.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because sometimes business networking isn’t about you.


No matter how likeable you are

No matter how obvious your expertise

No matter how compelling your offer

If the person standing in front of you

Has some other urgent challenge on their mind

Your pitch falls on deaf ears.

Want a surefire way to grab their attention?

Step aside.

Tonight it’s not about you.

Introduce them to the person

The reliable and honest person

Who will fix their current problem.

Fix it right the first time.

To them, it’s magic.

To you, it’s the value in business networking.

The reason you develop a trusted advisor network.

So you can grab their attention

By making the perfect introduction.

What’s the best introduction you’ve made at a networking event?

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