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Summer Networking Tips

“No one works during the summer”

“I’ve had terrible attendance at my networking group”

“No one is returning my calls”

That’s why summer is the best time for networking!

1. Go With Who Shows

Yes, attendance will be down at your networking groups.

This is a huge opportunity!

Instead of wasting 15 minutes complaining about who isn’t there,

… connect with the people who are there.

If attendance is very light, split people into pairs and have them do their coffee meeting during the second half of the larger meeting.

Some of my best networking results have come from the smallest networking group meetings.

That’s when you really get a chance to get to know each other!

2. Drink More Coffee

Yes, even if you don’t like coffee.

Look, it’s not about what you drink – tea, seltzer, orange juice, even water will work just as well.

It’s about the conversations you start while you’re having that drink.

Those people who show up to the meeting… schedule a coffee meeting with them. They are around and have time to network.

Click here for our step-by-step guide to coffee meetings

Many people are on vacation, but most aren’t. And the ones that aren’t have extra time during the summer so it’s a great time to reach out.

3. Hunker Down

Have you been meaning to

…update your website
…refresh your Elevator Pitch
…write a book
…create a new program or presentation

August is the best time to do that kind of work!

That project you’ve been meaning to get to…

Turn off your phone and get to it!

Happy Networking!

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