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Take It Personally

I decide to take Tom’s email personally, and that’s why he sprints over to me at the Hynes Convention Center in Boston and says the five most profitable words in all of Business Networking.

Here’s what happened:

2 days earlier, Tom sends an email to several hundred of his closest contacts.

“I’ll be at the Boston XPO on Wednesday. Stop by and say hi.”

I decide to take it personally.

After all, the XPO is only 3 blocks from my office.

I stop by to say hi.

“Andy, great to see you.”

And that’s when he hits me with those five profitable words:

“I was thinking about you…”

He gives me a great lead on a speaking opportunity.

I speak to Career Transitions of Greater Boston.

I pick up several clients and several more speaking opportunities.

And it got me thinking about your approach to Business Networking…

Are you taking it personally?

Here are 3 ways to Take Business Networking Personally

1. Show Up

Your presence at a networking event jogs people’s memory.

Of your compelling Elevator Pitch

Of someone they met earlier this week.

Of someone they meant to contact on your behalf.

Being there creates opportunities.

How often do you show up?

2. Speak Up

Start conversations.

Share your Conversational Elevator Pitch as often as you can.

How do you start the conversation?

3. Follow Up

It took 3 more conversations with Tom.

And 2 conversations with Suzanne.

To schedule the presentation.

And more follow-up conversations about the additional opportunities.

Welcome to sales!

How do you follow-up from networking events?

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