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Thanksgiving Networking Tips

Like the proverbial turkey,

lots of business professionals spend the holidays hiding from their prospects.

Here are 3 ways to  be memorable during the holidays instead:

1. Plymouth Rock

Plymouth Rock itself is just a rock.

And not even a very impressive rock.

Yet the story behind it

Draws crowds year after year.

Your Elevator Pitch isn’t about being glitzy.

It’s about starting the conversation.

So when a friend / relative / complete stranger asks “How’s it going?”

Answer with “Fantastic! I just …” and something fantastic you just did.

I just beat last year’s totals for my business.

I just kicked-off a really exciting leadership program for high school juniors.

I just got back from my honeymoon in Mexico.

I just discovered the Americas…

Your friends and relatives know people and they want to help.

Start conversations!

How will you start conversations this Thanksgiving?

2. Black Friday

People are in a buying mood.

Don’t disappoint them!

Give them a reason to spend now.

What are you offering during this holiday season?

3. Turkey Sandwiches

Schedule lunch with someone in your business network.

People are tired of leftovers.

And looking for a break from the office.

The holidays are a great time for Effective 1-on-1’s.

Who are you meeting for lunch?

 Happy Thanksgiving!

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