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The Biggest Elevator Pitch Myth

I always use the same 30-Second Elevator Pitch.

Every time.

In any situation.

In front of any audience.

In fact, here it is: 30-Second Elevator Pitch about Elevator Pitches

It’s a myth that you need a different Elevator Pitch for different audiences.

A myth that’s costing you sales.

Instead you want to use a single, consistent 30-Second Elevator Pitch with universal emotional appeal.

Then you can use it anywhere.

And get great results.

Here are the top 3 reasons to use the same 30-Second Elevator Pitch in every situation:

1. Prospects want consistency, not creativity


If you give the same 30-Second Elevator Pitch to the same audience more than once, people will be bored.


Repetition reinforces your message.

The more times prospects hear the same message, the more likely they are to respond.

Consistency implies integrity and trustworthiness.

If you keep changing your Elevator Pitch your prospects don’t have time to respond.


 I got 2 great leads in 5 minutes at the Boston XPO last Wednesday.

I’ve been using the same Call to Action for 6 months:

A great referral for me is a business association that brings in keynote speakers.

I ran into two networking buddies at the XPO.

Both said “I was just thinking about you.”

They had great leads for me on speaking opportunities, one at the XPO itself.

I only ask for speaking leads.

Now I have a lot of them.

What type of leads are you consistently requesting? 

2. Catch people at the right time


Once you’ve heard my Elevator Pitch, you don’t need to hear it again.


There are always different people in the room.

The people who already know you are in a different frame of mind today than they were last time.

Your message strikes a different chord today than it did before.


A while back I had lunch with a good friend of mine.

Someone who knows my business really well.

I mentioned that I’m attracting speaking opportunities.

His jaw dropped.

It turns out that on the drive to lunch he had an unsolvable problem.

Who to invite to speak at his organization’s next meeting

I’m a perfect fit.

The last time he heard my pitch he didn’t have this particular problem.

This time he did.

Imagine how many people are looking to hire a speaker

and aren’t thinking of me

How do you use every opportunity to reinforce your message?

3. Focus increases opportunities


Casting a wide net creates more opportunities


Prospects are distracted.

Prospects are busy.

Prospects are being bombarded with messages.

Narrow focus makes you stand out.


I have signed up zero customers as a “leadership coach.”

I sign up lots of customers as “Your Elevator Pitch Coach.”

They know when to contact me.

When they want more leads from their Elevator Pitch.

When’s the best time for prospects to contact you?

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