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The Bright Red Fish Van

Pictorial Evolution of an Elevator Pitch

Step 1: Slap a magnetic sticker on your car

Car Magnet

Better than nothing.

People (especially friends) notice.

Too small to make a real impression.

People definitely noticed the magnetic stickers on my car as I drove around town, though it was mainly supportive friends and family who were not great leads.

Step 2: Buy a Van. Add lots of content.

Cram information onto a vanMore Professional

Laundry List of Services

Looks Crowded and Busy

My first commercial vehicle was a step in the right direction. The colors, size, and layout made it busy and difficult to read quickly. We did get leads from people who saw the van outside their neighbor’s house.


Step 3: Bigger Van. Even More Information.

Allowed for bigger letters

Still a busy design

Generated Calls

A professional work van says more about the company than anything we could have written on it. More space meant bigger letters so it was more readable from afar.


Step 4: Wow!




The logo is the elevator pitch. Nothing more. Simple. Brilliant. Prospects pick up the phone and call.



It was hard to let go of “Commercial / Residential,” “Fully Insured,” and “Gutter Cleaning.”

It seemed like such important information.

It turns out we get more calls with fewer words.


One single message is extremely powerful.

Here are 3 Elevator Pitch Tips from the Bright Red Fish Van:

1. Start

My first magnetic sign was so embarrassing that I never even took a picture of it.

Too bad.

It started building the brand.

People knew who I was no matter where I was.

Especially if I wasn’t in the van…

What’s your Initial Elevator Pitch?

2. Professionalize

What you do speaks so loudly, I cannot hear what you say.

A magnetic sticker on a Mazda 626 screams start-up.

A professional Chevy Van screams, well, professional.

You are professional and confident in your work.

How Professional and Confident is your Elevator Pitch?

3. Simplify

Four Words.

Call Fish Window Cleaning.

That’s a powerful call to Action.

It works.

How can you simplify your Elevator Pitch?

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