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The First Time someone hears your Elevator Pitch

Even with the most effective Elevator Pitch:

The first time someone hears your pitch, they won’t remember it.

The second time they hear your pitch, it sounds vaguely familiar.

The third time they hear your pitch, they think they might have seen you before.

The fourth time they hear your pitch, they remember “Oh yeah, he wants to meet program directors”

The fifth time they hear your pitch, that’s when they might come running up to you with an introduction to a program director.

Which means that every time you change your Elevator Pitch, you go back to step 1.

And every time you change your referral statement, you go back to step 3.

Everyone assumes that once they give their Elevator Pitch, everyone has internalized it.

But think back to all the people you met last week – how many of those Elevator Pitches do you remember?

And how many introductions did you make as a result of those pitches?

You become most memorable when people keep hearing the same message from you.

Just make sure that message is oddly specific and passes the pillow talk test.

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