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The letter of the day is …

I’m unaware of the theme on WZLX radio in Boston last Thursday until the DJ announces the letter of the day…


Every song’s title, artist, or album begins with that letter.

The DJ introduces a song by Pink Floyd sans Roger Waters.

Now, whatever your thoughts on Pink Floyd with or without Roger Waters,

It’s a memorable path to a song.

So memorable, in fact, that I’m able to figure out which song over a week later: “Take it Back” off The Division Bell.

And that gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

In one way WZLX’s letter of the day promotion limits their playlist for that day.

And in every other way it’s exciting and intriguing and engaging.

Every song has a connection to the theme.

Every song has a story.

Which makes it memorable.

Memorable is good.

Especially for your Elevator Pitch.

So pick one product or service.

A theme.

And start telling stories.

2-sentence stories.

Of how your client connects to your theme.

Be memorable.

How memorable is your Elevator Pitch?

Happy Networking!

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