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The Magic Words

The magic words weren’t on his resume, so I was pleasantly surprised when he said them less than 30 seconds into the phone interview.

“That’s the job where I managed off-site teams”

Had I missed it? I went scrambling back to his resume.

No. He had described the job in many ways, but not in terms of that particular skill.

Which meant that I almost didn’t call him.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because most people aren’t even aware of the huge opportunities they’re missing.

When you use the magic words, people know you’re a fit.

When you use the magic words, people contact you.

When you use the magic words, people talk about you to other people.

So, what are the magic words?

They are a specific group of people and a specific action they want to accomplish.


Non profits that need an accountant

Staging companies that have outgrown their current space

Young couples who want to purchase their very first home

Startup VC firms that want an integrated portfolio management system

Window cleaning companies that are hiring a seasoned manager of off-site teams

I call them magic words because they work like, well… magic.

People have that phrase in mind. The way they think about their problem. And when you use that phrase, they’re delighted to meet you!

Want to figure our your magic words? Here’s a good place to start…

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