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The Most Important Detail for an Elevator Pitch

Is it possible to start an engaging conversation when someone asks “How’s your summer going?

I’m on Zoom with a neighbor of many years waiting for our committee meeting to start.

He asks me how my summer is going.

I say “Great! My daughter’s at a lacrosse camp at Babson.”

He perks up.

“I went to Babson, you know.”

I didn’t.

But I do now.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because when you use specifics you get to know people.

I could have said that my kid was at camp, or enjoying the summer, or any other superficially vague statement.

Instead, I add details.




He didn’t latch on to “daughter” or “lacrosse,” but “Babson” – that grabbed his attention.

That’s the value of details.

Which is why

“I help tech firms simplify their products and projects” won’t start conversations


“I help companies that run background checks connect to court databases with less code”

Will start conversations about background checks, courts, and court databases.

Here are some more examples of adding details to your Elevator Pitch

Count the number of details in your short pitch.

Two is strong, three is powerful.

That will give people something to talk about.

The Babson connection is even stronger – I taught programming at a computer camp there when I was a teenager, so my neighbor and I got into a good discussion about landmarks on campus and how it’s changed over the years.

Want to connect with people?

Share more details.

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