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The Nose Coach

Never heard of a Nose Coach?

There’s one at Copley Station:

The Nose Coach

He’s got a perfect Elevator Pitch.

In 9 words.

“I’m a nose coach. Ask me about allergy relief.”


Here’s why…

3 Elevator Pitch Tips from the Nose Coach

1. Be Topical

Spring is allergy season.

Allergy sufferers are motivated prospects.

It’s natural to think of a nose coach when you can’t breathe through your nose.

What motivates your prospects in the spring?

2. Be Specific

Do you think that this pharmacy deals only with allergy sufferers?

No. Of course not.

They can provide any medication to anyone at any time.

The thing is, people don’t need any medication at any time.

Some do need allergy relief right now.

And while they’re here, they might as well fill their other prescriptions…

What brings your prospects through your door?

3. Be Conversational

“Ask me about allergy relief”

A perfect way to start a conversation.

That’s about the prospect.

And about the business.

How do you start business conversations?

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