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The Truth and your Elevator Pitch

This morning I tell my bleary-eyed 6-year-old daughter the truth.

Not that it’s that unusual for me to start the day with honesty.

It’s just that lately she’s been insisting that I wake her up at 6 am when I wake up to exercise.

This morning I sleep in.

And when I wake her up at 7:10 she asks if I have already exercised.

“Not this morning, sweetheart. I slept in.”

Her face lights up. “Me too!”

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because that’s a great kind of connection.

It’s a recognition of a shared situation.

It’s seeing yourself through someone else’s eyes.

And that makes you memorable.

That makes you referrable.

And that’s why sharing a story of a recent success is such a powerful Elevator Pitch.

Because people connect with the situation.

Because people connect with your client.

Because people connect with you.

The truth is a great way to start a conversation.



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