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The Unassailable Elevator Pitch

I stand there stupidly with my mouth hanging open.

What can I say?

I had asked if I can watch my daughter’s dress rehearsal.

And the theater director pleasantly responds with “It’s written in my contract that this has to be a closed rehearsal.” 

Is that clause really in her contract?

I doubt it.

But I give her credit – over the years she has found the unassailable answer to that question.

My choices are to either call her a liar or ask her to break her contract.

So I carefully choose to slink back to my car to wait until rehearsal is over.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because the theater director came up with the right words to stop that conversation dead in it’s tracks.

You want the opposite.

You want the right words to get people to respond.

To make a connection.

To start productive conversations.

Here’s how:

Step 1: List your top three services

These are the top three parts of your business that you want to talk about.

For me it could be 1 hour coaching, virtual workshops, and the Modern Marketing Mastermind.

You can’t talk about them all at once, so 

Step 2: Pick One for One Month

This doesn’t mean that you won’t ever talk about the others.

It doesn’t mean that you no longer offer the others.

All it means is that, for this one month, when you’re asked what you do, you talk about this one aspect of your business.

Step 3: Set a baseline and compare

After one month, you’ll know the kinds of questions people ask and the stories they tell in response to your Elevator Pitch.

Now, pick a different service from Step 1 to talk about.

You’ll know quickly whether it works better or worse than the first one. 

If it works better, then keep it.

If it’s worse, try the third.

How Often should you Change your Elevator Pitch?

Once you have an Elevator Pitch that consistently starts productive conversations, you won’t ever want to change it.

To figure that out, pick a service, talk about it for a month, then compare that with another service.

Our downloadable handbook takes you step-by-step through the process

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