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The Worst Elevator Pitch. Ever.

The podcast host’s question takes me by surprise:

“What’s the worst Elevator Pitch you’ve ever heard?”

There are so many bad ones… but most are just boring and vague and, frankly, I don’t remember them.

It’s rare that someone shares too much of the wrong information in a way that’s truly memorable.

So rare that I have to think for a minute to separate out the elevator pitches that are simply ineffective from the ones that are truly bad.

I come up with two (check them out at 23:01 and 26:03)

Click here to listen to the full podcast

And that’s just the tip of the iceberg.

Here’s a quick overview of the key things you’ll learn in the 42 minutes it takes to listen to this podcast:

1:35 – a short elevator pitch that started a surprising avalanche of questions

1:58 – how I learned something new about people I had known for years

5:38 – when to use a “short” elevator pitch (and a great example of what to say)

6:01 – the best kind of follow up question you can get from your Elevator Pitch

8:10 – “Are you a sales coach?”

11:07 – how to deal with people who talk to much (are you one of them?)

12:40 – how to figure out whether you are networking or selling…

13:00 – why non-customers are better (much better) for networking

14:15 – (SPOILER ALERT!) you don’t have to (and wouldn’t expect to) connect with everyone

15:30 – how do you practice for an improv show?

17:14 – the reason you’re scared of improv (and shouldn’t be)

19:03 – the best referral ever (and the conversation that led to it)

20:48 – the HOLY GRAIL of networking!

22:02 – how to stay top of mind

23:01 – the worst Elevator Pitch. Ever.

24:28 – great script to use when asked about your competition

26:03 – OOPS. This is actually the Worst Elevator Pitch Ever

27:00 – Two Don’t Do’s for your Elevator Pitch

27:51 – stop trying to prove your expertise

28:39 – “the intent is to gain clients – not to push them away”

29:07 – two reasons NOT to practice your Elevator Pitch in front of a mirror

29:48 – record your Elevator Pitch … then DON’T watch it!

30:46 – the app that’s already on your phone that instantly makes your Elevator Pitch better

31:47 – Why your USP and Target Market lead to a terrible Elevator Pitch (and what to do instead)

33:05 – why doing well in school puts you at a networking disadvantage

35:41 – how to use your Elevator Pitch at a conference

37:15 – the biggest opportunity people miss at conferences

Click here to listen to the full podcast

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