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They Didn’t Call You Back – Now What?

“It seemed like a good match, but I guess she isn’t interested,” my client tells me.

His other business isn’t the focus of our call, but he mentions that he extended an offer to a great candidate for a front-of-house job, and she hadn’t called him back.

My Spidey Sense tingles.

“Did you call her?”

Nope. He sent her a text.

I remembered years ago when I was looking to change jobs.

One company was interested, and I was interested, and I told them that I was hoping for an offer by Friday so I could accept before I left on a 10 day business trip to London.

So I sat by the phone.

And sat. And sat. And sat.

On Thursday I finally called them.

“Oops. I thought you were out of town this week.”

They faxed me the offer letter and I signed it.

But here’s the thing – they never would have called me because they thought I was already out of town.

So, if you’ve waited more than two days to hear from someone who’s supposed to get back to you, call them.

Don’t text.

Don’t email.

Don’t send up smoke signals.

Call them.

My client called his front-of-house applicant.

She answered. She had lost her phone. She hadn’t seen his text.

She’s starting Monday.

Haven’t heard back? Don’t assume they’re not interested. Call them!

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