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Things That Make Me Say Yes

Parenting can so easily veer off the positive path and down the road of wagging one’s finger and clucking one’s tongue at things not allowed, that I’m always delighted to discover those things that make me say yes.

Can I have carrots with dinner?


Can you turn off the TV?


Can I go play outside?


Can we go build sandcastles at the beach?


Can I help you cook dinner?


Will you play ping-pong with me?


Can I practice the piano now?


See how liberating that is?

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because you want to say something that makes it easy for people to say yes.

If they have to think about it.

At all.

You’ve lost them.

And the chance to start a conversation.

So the more enthusiastically people respond,

The more your Elevator Pitch is heading in the right direction.

What’s your favorite thing to say yes to? Leave it as a comment below…

9 comments on “Things That Make Me Say Yes

    1. Hi Greg,
      That’s a great one! And anyone who says no to that, well, they won’t be a great networking contact anyway…

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