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“This pandemic has changed you”

“We’re going to be late!” my daughter wails.

I plan 30 minutes for a trip that usually takes an hour.

My daughter is apoplectic.

“But Daddy, you’re the one who’s always on time.”

I assure her that in pandemic land it’s only a 30 minute drive.

We breeze past the Chestnut Hill Mall.

Less than a minute for a usual 20 minute traffic jam.

We sail down Brookline Avenue.

2 minutes for seven lights that on a good day take 15.

She looks at me intently.

“This pandemic has changed you.”

But she’s wrong.

I haven’t changed.

The rules have changed.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch.

Because you can’t network the way you usually do.

But you can still network – virtually.

You can’t attend coffee meetings the way you usually do.

But you can still get to know people – virtually.

Restaurants can’t seat people, but they can still do takeout.

Grocery stores have one way aisles and socially distanced checkout lines.

People are being very creative.

You can still start conversations.

You can still use your Elevator Pitch.

You can still sign up new customers.

But it’s different now.

My daughter and I were right on time.

I haven’t changed.

You haven’t changed.

The rules have changed.

What has changed for you in this pandemic?

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