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Thump! (whimper…)

It’s the kind of Thump! (whimper…) that causes any parent to drop what they’re doing (I’ll clean up these broken dishes later) and race up the stairs and down the hall to the three-year-old’s bedroom.

Fortunately, when she fell out of bed, my 3-year-old landed on the pillows that were there to cushion just such a fall.

Between sobs she says she’s more scared than hurt.


Crisis (and emergency room visit) averted.

And it gets me thinking about your Elevator Pitch

Because so many people treat networking events like a hard landing.

They are counting business cards.

They are stalking their “top” prospect.

They are selling.

They are measuring any result except the only one that truly matters:

How many conversations are worth continuing?

A networking event is more like a soft landing.

More scary than painful.

Because once you’re there it’s not as bad as you thought.

So relax.

Be yourself.

Make some friends.

Start some conversations.

The only thing that truly happens at a networking event?


Everything else happens later.

How do you connect with your prospects?

2 comments on “Thump! (whimper…)

    1. Bernadette,

      Thanks for posting! That sounds like a great way to connect with people and start conversations.

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